A young-adult science fiction melodrama
In conjunction with Art Pictures Studio film company.
Produced by: Fedor Bondarchuk, Dmitry Rudovsky, Mikhail Vrubel, Alexander Andryushchenko.
Directed by: Fedor Bondarchuk.
Cast: Alexander Petrov, Irina Starshenbaum, Rinal Mukhametov, Oleg Menshikov.

A new sweeping blockbuster from Russia's highest-grossing director, Fedor Bondarchuk ("The 9th Company," "Inhabited Island" and "Stalingrad"). Brought down by the Russian Air Force, a space ship crash lands in the center of Moscow, but the aliens are in no hurry to make contact.

While the military is encircling it and trying to grasp what has happened, local residents who have lost their loved ones and homes in the crash are growing discontented.

Release date: January 26, 2017
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